Please Don’t Go to Donostia

There isn’t much more that I can write about San Sebastián, or Donostia, as the city is called in Basque Country, that people don’t already know. Here’s a quick run-down of the highlights: The coastal city is beautiful, among the most beautiful I’ve visited. The amazing food–one of the food capitals of Europe–from the small […]

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Review: Lands of Lost Borders

The term “nation-state” is complicated in its application. “Nation” and “state” are often used interchangeably, but from a political science perspective, they’re two different things. A nation is a large body of people united by common ethnicity, culture, history, or language. On the other hand, a state is a political entity with set boundaries and […]

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Traveling Time

In the world of smart phones and watches whose time-telling function is the least of their abilities, a traditional wrist watch seems anachronistic. What use is there for such a tool–jewelry, really; a status symbol, in some regards–that has one singular purpose, to tell time, when the phone in your pocket can do that, along […]

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Time for an Adventure!

I’m heading to Philadelphia in a couple of days for a work-related conference. This will be my first time to the City of Brotherly Love, the home of the Flyers and Rocky Balboa, the birthplace of the United States. And the Philly cheese steak sandwich. Honestly, I never really considered visiting Philly on my own, […]

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Stone of Hope

I missed the polar vortex in Washington, DC by a day. From the day before to my first full day, the temperature shot up about 20 degrees, from the low-20s to the low-40s. That might be standard DC winter temps, but as a California boy, damn did I suffer wandering from memorial to memorial. I […]

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Tale of Two “San” Cities

I traveled quite a bit this last quarter of 2018, for both work and leisure. Among the places I found myself were my two favorite “San” cities–San Francisco and San Diego. (Sorry, San Jose, but you don’t make the cut.) I had dinner at a couple of great restaurants which I want to highlight. The […]

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Tagine Dreams–Bringing Morocco to Me

Morocco is one of those countries that–for whatever reason–has been on the top of my to-visit list. I don’t know much about the country besides what I’ve read in books or the newspaper; don’t have relatives living there–no real connection besides Paul Bowles, a camel bone mirror, and episodes from Bourdain and Zimmern’s shows. But […]

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